If you’re a fan of Top Shot, you’ll remember the epic series of battles between Mike Hughes and Dustin Ellermann in Season 3.  Dustin won in the end, but Dustin and Mike were one of those matchups where either of them could have won on a given day.

In the real world, Mike is a mechanical engineer turned patent attorney turned competitive shooter, founder of Next Level Training, and creator of the SIRT (self-indicating resetting trigger) laser training system.

I’ve got an entire section of the Dry Fire Training Cards Companion Guide dedicated to Mike and the SIRT–of all of the training platforms that I use, I use the SIRT more than all the rest put together.  Keep in mind that I’ve got everything from snap caps, barrel inserts, and resetting triggers to several hundred dollar airsoft platforms and multi-thousand dollar self-scoring projector based laser training systems.

If you’re serious about firearms training, you want to get a SIRT, and through a special offer that I have with Mike, when you use the code, “Survival” at checkout, you’ll get special “friends and family” pricing.

To learn more, go to DryFirePistol.com