After graduating from the US Naval Academy, Larry Yatch successfully completed BUD/S and had a 10 year career in the US Navy SEALS with 2 deployments as part of Team 3.

When Larry became medically retired, he turned his passion, focus, and intensity towards teaching and learning science.  Specifically, Larry dug into the psychology and physiology behind how to develop neural pathways as quickly as possible.  What developed out of this was a deep understanding of how to teach people to become incredibly proficient at combat arms skills while shooting as few live rounds as possible.

His approach was different than mine, but incredibly complimentary and he found ways to not only decrease training costs and slash the ramp up time required to learn complex shooting skills, but also how non-live fire training can help people completely blow through preconceived performance ceilings.

I’ll be sharing more of Larry’s offerings with you over time, but to learn more right now, go to