As you know, I’ve trained with several dozen instructors at several dozen schools over the years.  It’s relatively easy to find incredible shooters teaching classes in almost every part of the country.  What isn’t easy to find is a great shooter who’s also a great instructor.  Ed’s one of those guys and he is someone who I pay a LOT of attention to.  And, except for when he’s teasing me, I take everything he says to heart.

Ed’s a former Army sniper/scout, law enforcement officer, dignitary protection specialist, and frequent expert witness in use of force cases.  He also teaches multiple classes per month to military and law enforcement units from around the globe as well as civilians at his home range in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

Ed’s also well known for two vital and downright awesome books on low light engagements:

“Rule The Night Win The Fight:  A Practical guide to Low Light Gunfighting” and
“Low-Light Combatives”

His books are a little hard to find online right now, but contact me and I’ll set you up.

Ed’s site is: