Matt and Sherrie Seibert have created one of the most unusual and remarkable firearms training programs in existence.

15 years ago, Matt was the general manager of one of the biggest firearms training schools in the country.  At that time, the level of performance that was acceptable was an 8” group…knowing that a central nervous system shot would be at a target the size of a walnut and that 8” groups would double to 16” under stress.  Matt left the school and spent the next decade with his wife, Sherrie, studying how neuroscience and shooting fit together and, in the process, developed a system where shooters are able to instantly shut off the left side of their brain and only shoot with the right side of their brain.

The result is that they can have shooters shooting one-hole groups within 20 minutes.  The first time I trained with them, I went from being a very good shot to shooting 90+ rounds through a hole the size of a nickel with a stock Glock.

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